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How Burglars Break into Gun Safes



When looking at different gun safes and comparing the various details and features, one should know what security features are needed. Potential thieves have a number of ways of attempting to break in to your gun safe, and if you are familiar with the methods used, you will be better equipped when buying a gun safe.

Burglars have a few methods in their repertoire when it comes to breaking into gun safes:

Lock Manipulation
A professional thief can manipulate a dial combination lock and open a safe in about 15 minutes. A possible solution to the problem is to purchase a safe with an electronic lock. These electronic locks are unable to be as easily manipulated, and even if the thief had the tools and computers to accomplish this, it would take far too long to be practical.

Punching the Cam
With this method, a thief will drill near the edge of the cam, insert a punch bar into the hole, and knock the cam out of place, allowing the safe to be opened. This method can be rendered obsolete by the use of relockers. Relockers are spring-loaded bolts that will fire if the lock body has been punched out.

Torches, Sledgehammers, and Crowbars
Most any thief will be able to gain access to your gun safe with these tools and some time. Torches are an incredibly easy way of gaining access to the safe. If a thief is not concerned for the safety of the safe’s contents, a hole big enough to remove the contents can be accomplished in less than two minutes. Sledgehammers and crowbars are also an effective way of breaking in to a safe. Using these tools, once a burglar has knocked your safe over on its side, it’s only a matter of time. Bolting down the safe, making it impossible to overturn, can be a great way to deter this.

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