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Gun Safe Terms You Should Know – Hard Plate



During the process of buying a gun safe, you will probably come across a variety of buzzwords and terms that you may have little to no familiarity with. Over the course of this blog, we will define and demystify vocabulary words that will prove useful in choosing a gun safe.

Hard Plate
One of the many vocabulary terms you will come across when buying a gun safe is the term “hard plate.” A safe’s hard plate is a hardened steel plate that protects the vulnerable areas of the lock body from being accessed. Typically, a thief will attempt to drill to gain access to the lock body in order to manipulate it. The hard plate, being made of a more durable metal than the drill bit, will dull or break the drill bit, protecting the lock body.

Most hard plates are made of extremely wear resistant steel, while some hard plates are composed of a casting of alloys with carbide chips embedded within. These carbide chips serve to further protect the safe against specialized drill bits. A skilled thief could still potentially drill through a composite hard plate with special carbide or diamond bits, but accomplishing this task would take much time and ruined drill bits.


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